Why should you get a water fountain for your cat?

As a veterinarian, I know most cats do not drink enough water and their health can suffer because of this.

Water fountains are a great way to entice your cat into drinking more water, but there are a large number of fountains available, and some are definitely better than others.

The articles below explain why it’s important that your cat drink more water, and how to choose the best fountain to keep your cat happy, healthy and hydrated!

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Why should I get a water fountain for my cat?

To answer that question, first we need to understand a little about cats and how their bodies work. Click to read why cats need to drink more water to prevent health problems and how it can make them live longer, happier lives.  >> Read More


Choosing the best Cat Water Fountain

Once you have decided that you are buying your cat a water drinking  fountain, the next step is to decide which one is right for your cat and you. The two main considerations when choosing a make and model are what the fountain is made of, and how your cat prefers to drink. We will examine both of these elements in more detail so you can choose the fountain that is right for your cat.  >> Read More


Benefits of Cat Water Fountains – Drinking More Water Helps Prevent Urinary Tract Problems

Many cats are prone to painful urinary tract problems. The most common symptom is urinating outside the box which causes offensive cat urine odor around the house. Other symptoms include bloody urine, excessive licking of the urinary opening and even life-threatening urinary tract blockages. Read more about this common problem and how getting your cat to drink more water helps in treatment and prevention of episodes.  >> Read More


Chronic renal (kidney) failure in cats – water fountains can help keep your cat healthy and hydrated

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) in cats goes by many names, such as Chronic Renal Insufficiency (CRI), and Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) but they all mean the same thing; your cat’s kidneys are not working as well as they did. Since staying well hydrated is so important in keeping your cat feeling well, one of the cornerstones of management in cats with CKD is to get them to drink more water.  >> Read More


Drinking More Water – Does my Cat have Diabetes?

As veterinarians, we are often concerned with getting cats to drink more water. Because their kidneys work so well to help keep them hydrated, cats have poor thirst mechanisms. So, when your cat suddenly start to drink a lot of water, it usually indicates a medical problem of some sort. In this article we will discuss diabetes, a common disease in cats and how a cat water fountain can help in management. >> Read More


Diabetes in Cats – A link to dry food diets?

Our knowledge about the nutritional needs of cats is changing rapidly. Commercial diets are changing to more closely reflect the natural diet of a cat. However, there is a whole group of cats which may have developed chronic diseases over the past 15 to 20 years, caused by feeding dry food diets. We call these cats “The Lost Generation”. To think that with just the simple action of feeding our much loved companions the wrong type of food, we actually create diseases that harm them. Diabetes may be one of these diseases. >> Read More

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